About xLights

xLights is a free and open source program that enables you to design, create and play amazing lighting displays through the use of DMX controllers, E1.31 Ethernet controllers and more.
With it you can layout your display visually then assign effects to the various items throughout your sequence. This can be in time to music (with beat-tracking built into xLights) or just however you like.
xLights runs on Windows, OSX and Linux


See User Manual for installation details


Dan Kulp compiles and maintains the MAC versions of xlights
Click here to see list of MAC versions of xlights


Chris Debenham compiles and maintains the Linux version of xlights
Click here to see how to install the Ubuntu Linux packages


To compile yourself download the source from github and then follow the README.windows, README.osx or README.linux as relevant for your operating system

xLights Users Manual


Table of Previous releases

#VersionFile to downloadFile SizeDate ReleasedDescription
12017.4xLights_Nutcracker_2017_4.exe23.67MFeb 18, 2017BETA. Include latest xSchedule.exe
12017.3xLights_Nutcracker_2017_3.exe23.65MFeb 13, 2017BETA. Some bug fixes, lots of enhancements
12017.2xLights_Nutcracker_2017_2.exe23.59MFeb 1, 2017BETA. Added missing properties files for xSchedule
12017.1xLights_Nutcracker_2017_1.exe22.82MJan 31, 2017BETA. New scheduler, xSchedule. Groups within Groups.
12016.56xLights_Nutcracker_2016_56.exe22.06MDec 31, 2016BETA. Spatial gradients. Tools,package sequence. Effect fixes .
12016.55xLights_Nutcracker_2016_55.exe22.04MDec 20, 2016BETA. Some Enhancements. FPP upload, pinwheel
12016.54xLights_Nutcracker_2016_54.exe21.99MDec 13, 2016BETA. Bug fixes.
22016.53xLights_Nutcracker_2016_53.exe21.98MNov 19, 2016BETA. Bug fixes.
32016.52xLights_Nutcracker_2016_52.exe21.97MNov 09, 2016BETA. Fix for scaling on images
42016.51xLights_Nutcracker_2016_51.exe21.98MNov 04, 2016PRODUCTION. Major Performance Improvements. Bug fixes
52016.50xLights_Nutcracker_2016_50.exe21.95MSep 27, 2016BETA. Batch build. Arrow key to scroll in model list
62016.49xLights_Nutcracker_2016_49.exe21.91MSep 13, 2016BETA. Add value curves to Shockwave,Morph and Fan. Save Color Palletes
72016.48xLights_Nutcracker_2016_48.exe20.84MAug 29, 2016BETA. "Tools,Check Sequence". Thanks Keith!
82016.47xLights_Nutcracker_2016_47.exe20.81MAug 22, 2016BETA. Mostly bug fixes
92016.46xLights_Nutcracker_2016_46.exe20.80MAug 17, 2016BETA. Sub-models, TreeList for LAYOUT, Split text effect to mult layers
102016.45xLights_Nutcracker_2016_45.exe20.71MAug 09, 2016BETA. performance fix for color curves (color gradient)
112016.44xLights_Nutcracker_2016_44.exe20.69MAug 08, 2016BETA. color curves,bezier curves,Shift+MouseWheel will now scroll grid right/left
122016.43xLights_Nutcracker_2016_43.exe20.62MAug 04, 2016BETA. Mostly bug fixes
132016.42xLights_Nutcracker_2016_42.exe20.62MJul 30, 2016BETA. New PolyLine model..
142016.41xLights_Nutcracker_2016_41.exe20.59MJul 22, 2016BETA. New fill options. Video export from Models.
152016.40xLights_Nutcracker_2016_40.exe20.54MJul 10, 2016PRODUCTION. Bug fixes. This release is first NON Beta
162016.39xLights_Nutcracker_2016_39.exe20.53MJun 30, 2016BETA. Bug fixes. DMX effect now uses value curves to do ramps
172016.38xLights_Nutcracker_2016_38.exe20.48MJun 24, 2016BETA. New Multiple Previews
182016.37xLights_Nutcracker_2016_37.exe20.46MJun 10, 2016BETA. New Spinner Model in LAYOUT. Allow singleStrand models to have 10K nodes
192016.36xLights_Nutcracker_2016_36.exe20.44MJun 07, 2016BETA. fixed the sound mixer icon. value curves added to
single strand, garlands, fire, plasma, curtain. color wash
202016.35xLights_Nutcracker_2016_35.exe20.44MJun 02, 2016BETA. Add value curves to circles, bars,brightness, spirals. Enhance autosave interval
212016.34xLights_Nutcracker_2016_34.exe20.42MMay 31, 2016BETA. RotoZoom. Value Curves. Layout changes around models
222016.33xLights_Nutcracker_2016_33.exe20.37MMay 25, 2016BETA. New mapping screen for IMPORT,IMPORT SEQUENCES
232016.32xLights_Nutcracker_2016_32.exe20.35MMay 19, 2016BETA. 20fps and 40fps now accurate.
242016.31xLights_Nutcracker_2016_31.exe20.34MMay 16, 2016BETA. Fix Model Display issue
252016.30xLights_Nutcracker_2016_30.exe20.34MMay 16, 2016BETA. Audio Scrubber
262016.29xLights_Nutcracker_2016_29.exe20.33MMay 14, 2016BETA. Background image Custom Models. Import LSP timing
272016.28xLights_Nutcracker_2016_28.exe20.37MMay 10, 2016BETA. New pgo import capability for Papagayo
282016.27xLights_Nutcracker_2016_27.exe20.37MMay 09, 2016BETA. Fixes for model auto creation from video.
292016.26xLights_Nutcracker_2016_26.exe20.34MMay 06, 2016BETA. More logging for issues on graphics cards
302016.25xLights_Nutcracker_2016_25.exe20.22MMay 05, 2016BETA. Fix drawing on Radeon video cards
312016.24xLights_Nutcracker_2016_24.exe20.20MMay 04, 2016BETA. Fix drawing of waveform with latest OpenGL code
322016.23xLights_Nutcracker_2016_23.exe20.20MMay 03, 2016BETA. "Tools,Generate Custom Model", Spiral Wraps on Tree Model
332016.22xLights_Nutcracker_2016_22.exe20.03MApr 24, 2016BETA. Bug fix for pictures. New option on video effect to playback at different speeds
342016.21xLights_Nutcracker_2016_21.exe20.02MApr 22, 2016BETA. New MUSIC effect. Many enhancements to other effects
352016.20xLights_Nutcracker_2016_20.exe19.97MApr 13, 2016PRODUCTION. Vegas 2016. Bug fixes for pasting. This was used for Vegas 2016 xLights workshop
362016.19xLights_Nutcracker_2016_19.exe19.97MApr 10, 2016BETA. Fix text. New copy/paste from Gil
372016.18xLights_Nutcracker_2016_18.exe19.91MApr 7, 2016BETA. Bug fixes, many in Layout
382016.17xLights_Nutcracker_2016_17.exe20.13MApr 3, 2016BETA. Fix to Text effect
392016.16xLights_Nutcracker_2016_16.exe20.13MApr 2, 2016BETA. Bug fixes for wxWidgets 3.1 issues
402016.15xLights_Nutcracker_2016_15.exe20.12MMar 30, 2016BETA. 2 and 3 point drawin in LAYOUT. Undo in LAYOUT
412016.14xLights_Nutcracker_2016_14.exe20.35MMar 23, 2016BETA. New LAYOUT
422016.13xLights_Nutcracker_2016_13.exe20.12MMar 15, 2016BETA. New TEST features. Access thru Tools,Test
432016.12xLights_Nutcracker_2016_12.exe20.10MMar 10, 2016BETA. Bug fix for corrupted perspective xml
442016.11xLights_Nutcracker_2016_11.exe20.10MMar 8, 2016BETA. Video looping. Bug fixes for avi
452016.10xLights_Nutcracker_2016_10.exe19.93MMar 3, 2016BETA. New Effect Video Clip.
462016.09xLights_Nutcracker_2016_09.exe17.54MFeb 24, 2016BETA. New Effect Blur.
472016.08xLights_Nutcracker_2016_08.exe17.50MFeb 16, 2016BETA. New Effect VuMeter
482016.07xLights_Nutcracker_2016_07.exe17.46MFeb 08, 2016BETA. Dan fixed old whole house model crashes
492016.06xLights_Nutcracker_2016_06.exe17.46MFeb 07, 2016BETA. Dan fixed custom model crash
502016.05xLights_Nutcracker_2016_05.exe17.44MFeb 05, 2016BETA. Many bug fixes